Kelly (shytownmofo) wrote in fuckmetallica,

A little YouTube Action (X Posted)

Was poking around on YouTube when I found this Hella-cool Metallica thing from 1985. First Ever performance of the song "Disposable Heroes" from the Master of Puppets album. Now, Compare this with the stuff from Saint Anger, or even Load/Reload. Big Difference. Let's hope the new stuff they're doing with Rick Rubin is half as good. Not that I want Lightning part 2 or anything, but anythings better than St. Anger There were probably only three songs on that album I could get into.

Cliff Burton Sure as Hell was a God on bass, too. Enjoy. BTW, I'm not sure of the Copyrights on this stuff, so if it violates anything, feel free to delete this post, or let me know, and I'll delete it. (AFAIK, It's a Bootleg video from Metal Hammer Fest in 1985, the same show where one of Cliff's Solos, "Horsemen," "Fade" and "Seek" were taken from on Cliff em All)
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