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Fuck Metallica

(after 1991)

Fuck Metallica! (after 1991)
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Do you remember the day when Metallica was all about the fans, and music? What happened to Metallica?

Money. Sell out. Metallica has destroyed what awesomeness they used to have. After 1992, everything went downhill. New Metallica just isn't the same.
They've gone to pop.

And for this, Fuck Metallica.


- This community is for people to bitch/debate about Metallica, or any other topics related to metal. Anything drasticly off-topic will be deleted. Community plugging is fine as long as it's metal related.

- Don't bother posting "OMG METALLICA STILL RULZ U FAGGOTS!1!1!". You will just be laughed at. A lot.

- Try and keep big pictures behind an lj-cut

- Stay metal. \m/