The Wretched Spawn (slurmqueen) wrote in fuckmetallica,
The Wretched Spawn

Hey guys! I thought I would bring some life back to this community with something that I found in July's issue of Metal Hammer. A dissapproving reader showed his displeasure with the publication for "dissing" Metallica multiple times in June's issue.

"Can I just say that St. Anger is not only the best Metallica album, but is also one of the greatest metal releases of the past 30 years. I'm sick of magazines like Hammer constantly running snide putdowns of the album the way you did in Metal Detector (issue 140/June) when you described them as a band who have run out of ideas. If you ask me, the worst Metallica album is 1991's Metallica which is just a bloody pop record, closely followed by the hugely over-rated Master of Puppets and the unlistenable Ride the Lightning. It was only when they made Load that they started to get good. But then, I'm fucking mad me."

AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! When I read this, I could not stop laughing! This emo faggot should go to the newstand and read magazines like Threat and AP instead of a decent British metal magazine. He should also be dragged out in the street and shot.
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