Mike (thecalloforion) wrote in fuckmetallica,

i have the solution to metallica getting better (?)


think about it. after slayer records and finishes touring, thats about when metallicunt will wanna go hit trash cans and drop their guitars to drop A again. (haha) in walks ol dave. (not mustaine) he head bashes lars' trash/jamaican cans and then head butts lars himself. since he'll be unconscience, dave will HAVE to do.

you may be asking yourself, "well Metallica has been playing fast lately". well, at least they wont be fast just to be fast. the speed will have MEANING!!!!!!

you may also be asking yourself, "how is having a different drummer gonna make the music better?" first off why would you ask such a question when lombardo is spoken of? but nonetheless, if you've ever heard eraly versions of slayer songs or demos of them, they sound mediocre, if not pretty crappy. then lombardo puts drums to them and they sound ungodly. when kerry king or jeff hannenan wrote stuff, they edited their material to what dave would put to it, for lombardo was a key player in the slayer writing process. i mean listen to their albums after he left, BIG difference.

this shouldnt be a hard task either, especially when considering lombardo filled in for lars a month or so ago when lars had injuries. so theyre all on good terms with each other.

but just remember the tin cans, and you wouldnt CARE who takes for over lars.
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